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2Address - The Marketplace
for European Transport Companies

We are an online marketplace dedicated to transport companies that operate across Europe and provide services to end-users and local businesses
With us, your routes and company profile can be found by every customer looking to book a travel service for passengers, parcels, auto on trailers and even electric and electronics
You can create your company profile, list your routes and be found by customers searching for transport.

  • We are a marketplace dedicated to transport companies to list their routes to boost their online bookings.
  • We have created the most advanced search so customers can easily find the transport company for their needs .
  • We offer Transport Companies the most advanced listing interface in order to configure all your routes in one place.
  • We mediate online booking and secure payment between you and the customers.
  • You can easily communicate with customers and provide route updates via the portal communication platform.
  • We are not a transport company - we are a marketplace that supports independent Transport Companies to list their services and promote the routes.
  • We are not a website for independent ads - we offer you your dedicated online shop to list all your routes.
  • We are not a freight exchange portal, and you do not need to log in from time to time to search for qualifying offers - we deliver your booking to your inbox.
  • We do not endorse specific transport companies - the customers are making bookings directly with the registered transport companies.
  • we do not collect nor transfer booking requests over the phone - the customer is the one choosing the transport company and books online.

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2Address can be your valued partner if this is you:

Where do you want your Transport Company to be in 2, or 5 or even 10 Years?
We believe that with the right tools in place you can achieve stability and growth

I am an active European Transport Company

I offer European transport services for passengers, parcels, auto on trailer or bespoke services like documents, electronics or bicycles. I operate frequent routes or have a fixed schedule, and I am always looking to expand my coverage and extend the customer database.

"The devil is in the details"- Route Information

I want to list relevant information for all my routes: from prices to schedule, the cities we are covering, transit times and all special features we have developed from temperature control on parcel delivery to extra legroom and Free Wi-Fi for passengers

I am embracing new form of technology

I like to use technology that will help me deliver high-quality service, and I want to offer my customers the best service they deserve, from online booking and payment, up to transport delivery and communication.

My company visibility and brand is important

I want the market presence for my company to grow exponentially through variate marketing channels and my brand to stand up along with the big players in this segment. I want to be found by relevant customers without having to be present on all Facebook groups and posting ads on all platforms.

I want to communicate with my customers easily

I want to be able to accept an online booking at the click of a button without having to spend time on the phone. It is important for me to let the customers know the progress of a booking from collection to transit milestones and estimated delivery times. And, more important, when things go a bit wrong, I want to have the option to easily update the customer with new drop-off times of location.

My customers are my assets

I am not taking my current customers for granted, and I am fully aware that THEY are my business and not my vans, coaches, offices, etc. - You want to retain as many existing customers as possible and gain trust to a lot of new ones by having more customers for my routes and improve my market visibility

If This Is What You Are After Or Other Similar Things
We Are Here To Help You Achieve Them!

What we can offer you

We have put together a wide range of features for you to list your company and the routes, and start collecting online orders

Your transport services will be displayed for all relevant searches

With over 10,000 searches in the first six months, we want to make sure that your routes are being visible to all end-users looking for transport.
With us, your routes will be displayed for all relevant searches and the customer can easily book the transport that suits their needs.

The most advance interface to list all your routes

You can configure all your routes, price variations per segments, the geographic coverage, detailed information regarding the route schedule and the location pick-up and drop-off points.
Do you offer special services like: temperature control transport or free Wi-Fi - No problem, you can list with us all your route characteristics.

An easy way to communicate with customers

We know how important it is for you to communicate with your customers: from collection and delivery information to route updates, or even last-minute changes and cancelations. We send an email to your customers every time you update the booking information.

Increase customer loyalty with promotions, discounts and last minute offers

We provide you with the tools to offer discounts and coupons for specific routes, during limited time periods. This way you can select what routes you promote to increase your bookings and attract new customers.

Your dedicated online shop

We offer you with your dedicated online shop where you can create a detailed company presentation, list all your routes and take online bookings.
You are ready to collect orders in no time.

Easy Interface where you can manage all your orders

With us, you can manage all your orders on only one place, and, for each order you have all the information you need to organise collection and deliveries.

Start receiving online bookings!

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