Our Story

2Address.eu is a family project built by people with different individual skills, but with the same goal:
to offer expats communities around Europe, a better way to access the services of the transport companies for passengers, parcels and cars on platform – search, compare, choose, book and pay.

Like most of the 2Address team members and friends who are living in the United Kingdom for more than 10 years, we’ll probably never give up at the “home” products like the dad’s homemade wine, mom’s plum jam or the famous “compote”.
After all these years of using the services of various transport companies with good and not so good experiences, we realised we wanted more and definitely something can be done to improve our experience.

What we always wanted as a customer?
– To be able to choose from more options based on time frame, type of collection/delivery, price, etc.
– To recommend their service to the others when everything went great
– To pay online and not being stressed that I don’t have enough cash on me or my parents will feel obliged to pay for me
– To know when and where should I meet the courier or if there is a delay for the delivery and not needing to call the driver who I’m sure they need to focus on the driving rather than talk to me.
– To be respected as a customer and to have a great overall experience.

This is how 2Address.eu was born – a transport portal where booking to send a parcel, a car on platform or just travel in Europe is as smooth as it should be.

Do you have a preferred transport company? That’s great! It is important to use the services of a company that you trust! Advise them to list their routes on the 2Address.eu portal so both of you can benefit of all the extra services here.

Facebook posting to ask for recommendations is enough for you? Again, that’s great, we love Facebook! We are sure though, you would love to receive as a recommendation a link to the transport company route with all the details you need, pictures, reviews, etc. rather than a photo of a business card or the comment “I recommend”.

Worried that you will pay more than the standard tarrifs by booking via 2Address.eu? Booking and paying via 2Address.eu does not come with any additional fees or hidden costs. The tariff is the same as your normal booking process, and, you might even be surprised to discover that some of the transport companies are offering discount coupons available exclusively for booking via our portal.

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