2Address.eu – The transport portal where booking to sending a parcel, a car on platform or just travel across Europe is as smooth as it should be.

A complex and comprehensive search

When booking a parcel, first you need to select the pick-up and drop-off locations. Optionally, the departure and arrival dates can be selected as well. If dates are not chosen, 2Address.eu will display all route options, and the dates will have to be selected at the booking phase.
You have to select the pick-up and drop-off type. “Fixed location” is a standard stop defined by the transport company while “Your address” is a specific location that you communicate, in some cases, the costs might be slightly higher.
Next, a total shipment quantity must be selected (in Kilograms). Pressing Search will present a new window with all routes available based on your chosen criteria.

Compare and choose your transport option

The routes presented can be filtered and sorted using several features, like:
  • – Price
  • – Vendor rating (based on other users reviews)
  • – Vendor name
  • – Pick-up and Delivery type
Pressing “more info” on a route will display a short description of the route, including route features as icons, the schedule, and the contact options for the transport partner. In the Contact tab you can also send a direct message to the vendor, asking for more details. The vendor will receive your message by e-mail and will respond to your registered account e-mail address.

Book the chosen route

Pressing the “Book Now” button will take you to the Order Setup page where all required details must be entered. The fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory as the order cannot go ahead without having them populated.

A price breakdown can be calculated at any point, based on the details introduced, by pressing the “Update price” button on the left pane.
Press “Proceed to check-out” to select the billing details and payment method. You can select between the following options:

  • – Cash on pick-up / drop-off: You pay in cash either at the parcel pick-up or at the drop-off
  • – Paypal: you have to sign in to your Paypal account and choose the correct Paypal payment method, such as Paypal balance, card or bank account, Paypal credit etc
  • – Card payment: you can enter your card details into a secured payment processing portal (Stripe). You may choose to store the card information and re-use it on your next order. These details will not be stored on 2Address.eu portal (They are stored securely by Stripe)

Place the order

You will be taken to a Check-out page, containing an unique order identifier (Order Number) and all order details. These details are also sent automatically by e-mail, to your registered account e-mail address and to the vendor.
Next, the vendor will process your order and will update the order status as follows:
  • – Processing: the order is received and the vendor is processing it
  • – In Transit: the parcel was collected and is now in transit
  • – Completed: the parcel was delivered at the drop-off address
  • – Cancelled: the order is cancelled and the payment made will be refunded
The vendor can provide additional details regarding the order (such as delays or cancellations) by e-mail. Any order status changes will also be sent automatically to you by e-mail.


After you receive the parcel, we encourage you to leave a review: a small text and a rating between 1 and 5 stars. This will help other users to make a better decision regarding which transport company offer to choose. Thank you!
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